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Target with Darts
Target with Darts

You’ve assessed your strengths, interests, and values, developed a vision of your future, and determined what type of job function would best suit you.

You have a clear vision of your ideal career path, but no idea of potential employers.

You know what kind of work you want to do, what type of organization and environment you want to work in, and the geographic location you want to do your work.

The final phase of your career transition research is to identify specific organizations where you want to work.

This information will help you decide which of them to focus…

Two people in an informational interview.
Two people in an informational interview.

Informational interviews are an excellent way for a lawyer who wants to transition to another career path to explore alternative jobs.

What Are Reasons to Have an Informational Interview?

Some people may want to have an informational interview because they are looking for a career change.

Others may use this as an opportunity to explore new industries or get feedback on their resume before deciding if it’s worth investing time in applying for a job they’re interested in.

Regardless of your reasons, you’ll be ready when:

· you have assessed your strengths, interests, and values;

· developed a vision of…

How Are Your Relationships With Your Contacts?

Do you know how to stay in touch with them? Have you?

If not, time for you to set up a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system or update your system.

Why Use A CRM?

Why should I use CRMs, you ask?

Many reasons make CRMs essential for career transition strategies:

· tracking the networks and connections you’ve made

· updating and organizing your existing network

· accessing information from these networks about job opportunities or ideas when we’re exploring our lawyer career transition options; and

· staying in touch with new contacts you…

Once you’ve updated your resume, here’s what you need to do!

I present seven tips you can use to make sure your resume stands out from the competition. You can’t afford not to read this article if you’re looking for a new job soon!

Knowing how to revamp your resume can be a challenge.

There are so many tips and tricks out there. It isn’t easy to figure out which ones work best for you.

That’s why we’re here! …

Photo of Lawyer reading article on Richard Branson and Entrepreneurship
Photo of Lawyer reading article on Richard Branson and Entrepreneurship
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

You’re smart, you work hard, and you put in a lot of overtime. You know your practice area and represent your clients well.

But you don’t feel successful. You’re not making as much money as you’d like. You’re stressed and maybe even a little depressed.

How do you breakthrough and elevate your career to the level you dream of?

Work on Your Career

Follow the example of the most successful lawyers. Whether they are sole practitioners or the top rainmakers in Big Law, successful lawyers have one thing in common. It’s a universal trait.

The most successful lawyers work on…

Casually browsing lawyer job search sites is a waste of time for most lawyers. At least the way it is typically done. Lawyers should only spend time on job search sites after completing several initial steps in the career transition process. Even then, the time spent on those sites should be for short periods as part of an information-gathering exercise.

Then, why am I writing a long article about lawyer job search sites? Because I know the first thing most lawyers do when thinking about a career transition is to look at job search sites. That’s reality.

I must provide…

Job Search

Follow these suggestions when writing your cover letters to get interviews

Word Cloud With Cover Letter In Middle
Word Cloud With Cover Letter In Middle
Keith Bell/

Excellent Cover Letters = Interviews

A great cover letter will get you an interview.

A great cover letter is an essential tool in your job search. It will show your interest in a specific job, draw attention to your unique qualifications for that job, and allow you to request an interview.

A well-written cover letter should be personalized and capture the attention of the reader, inspire him/her to read your résumé, and drive the reader’s desire to interview you.

Don’t forget that your résumé and cover letter are a package deal. …

Picture of a man walking away with briefcase over shoulder
Picture of a man walking away with briefcase over shoulder
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Yesterday, I was on vacation. I had to take excess accrued leave by the end of May, or I would lose it. I was doing household projects and sort of working on my consulting business and a few new ideas.

Today, I’m unemployed. Laid off from what I believed was a secure position. The irony is that I have been doing career advising for the last six years.

The first alternative for many lawyers who have decided that practicing in a firm is not the way for them to find success, prosperity, and personal fulfillment is to consider moving to an in-house counsel position.

I worked as an in-house counsel for three years. It was a great experience and lead to many lasting relationships and future business. That job propelled me to equity partnerships in 2 Am Law 100 firms. But, the hours were every bit as long as in Big Law. And, the stress was just as high.

What To Focus On Before You Consider An In-House Counsel Position

It is imperative for a lawyer to realize their…

Alternative careers for lawyers is a fascinating and increasingly relevant topic for lawyers as they consider their ideal career path.

My wish is that the information and resources on this page provide the inspiration and motivation for you to find the perfect job and create your ideal career, in or out of the law. Good luck!

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